It's Only Civil

Location: Wisconsin, United States

I'm an ex-fundamentalist PK (Preacher's Kid) gone good. I live in Wisconsin with my partner of almost 5 years. We hope to be adding to our family in the near future. Currently, my hot topic of interest is the proposed constitutional ban on civil unions and marriage for gay and lesbian folks in Wisconsin. I love Wisconsin and have no interest in living anywhere else, but I feel slapped in the face almost daily by those who are pushing this amendment that could threaten all legal protections for gay families and which will affect my family personally. My blog will likely be focused on this issue - might throw in a bit of other things just for kicks though.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Someone who is NOT after my eye...

Today, I read this editorial and was pleasantly surprised to see what seemed like almost a direct response to my first post - though the author didn't realize it.

I'm fine with the fact that people have religious or other reasons to believe that gay and lesbian people are committing sin. It's only when things like my ability to live my life, to pursue my happiness, to worship and believe the way I do, and to create and maintain a stable family are threatened that I get all up in arms...

Thanks to the author for the editorial and for taking the time to write and share it.

Monday, December 26, 2005

It's personal

You know, I just posted, but I was thinking...

Lots of the folks in Ohio, when they voted for the change to the constitution, probably didn't realize all the implications of what they were doing. At least, I hope they didn't.

If they did, and still voted for it, I'd find that even more frightening.

I hope that folks in Wisconsin take the time to learn all the possible implications of that proposed amendment.

Cause it's very personal and it affects many people's lives in many very personal ways.

Is it alright to be sick here?

I drafted a post yesterday, but it disappeared into cyberspace... I'll try again.

I'm at my out-laws for the holiday. (and I call them my out-laws because they would be my in-laws except that the government doesn't approve of my choice of life-time mate)

It's comfortable here - I am welcome and we are treated equally here - in their house, at least.

But coming to Ohio this time gave me pause.

See here in Ohio, they've already passed an amendment to their constitution similar to the one proposed in Wisconsin. It's language is so strident that unmarried couples are being denied domestic violence protections that married couples have in this state. It's language is so far-reaching that we don't know if our Powers of Attorney for Health Care would hold up here.

So can I get sick here? I think it'd be better not to. No serious illnesses. No accidents. No injuries of any kind. Cause allowing me to be with the only person I'd want to be with should something like that happen isn't a guaranteed thing in Ohio. And soon we may face the same thing on a permanent and wide-ranging basis in Wisconsin.

Appling, of Wisconsin's Family Research Institute claims we can take care of this nagging little problem of hospital visitation with a Power of Attorney. I'm here to say that's not entirely true. But thanks for trying.

There is no other way for us to be protected in the ways that married couples are in this country.

I'm looking forward to leaving Ohio for this reason - but I'm incredibly sad that Wisconsin is threatening to become an equally unwelcoming place for me and my family.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve and my eye is sore...

My first post…

Today is Christmas Eve

Christmas being the season of “Peace and Good Will to all”, you’d think I’d be feeling some of that. Instead, all I’m feeling is browbeaten and controlled by those who are supposed to be emulating the life of Jesus Christ so that others in the world will find his teachings.

I’m not seeing a whole lot of emulation going on. What I am seeing is an angry attempt by fundamentalists to control people - not by persuading them that Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life, and then allowing their personal walk with him to teach them the way. Rather, it's being done by legislating behavior, forcing even retail businesses to do as they want and trying to take away other individual’s rights to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, their right to Privacy, right to Equal Protection under the Law, and their right to worship as they see fit.

Instead of going “out into the world to preach the gospel”, these Christians and the organizations they support are spending their time trying to legislate their beliefs and preaching the gospel to none.

Jesus made it clear that no sin is worse than any other and that it was the ultimate in hypocrisy to point out the splinter in one person’s eye while ignoring the log in one’s own. Yet Christians of this ilk today are spending inordinate amounts of time, energy and money to not only point out the splinter in other people’s eyes, but to then use the government as their battering ram to solve the issue by removing the eye entirely.

All the while going blind themselves.

(my apologies to members of the blind and disability communities for the metaphors…)

Fundamentalism did not create a society in Afghanistan that most Americans thought was a good thing.

Fundamentalism won’t create a good society here either.