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I'm an ex-fundamentalist PK (Preacher's Kid) gone good. I live in Wisconsin with my partner of almost 5 years. We hope to be adding to our family in the near future. Currently, my hot topic of interest is the proposed constitutional ban on civil unions and marriage for gay and lesbian folks in Wisconsin. I love Wisconsin and have no interest in living anywhere else, but I feel slapped in the face almost daily by those who are pushing this amendment that could threaten all legal protections for gay families and which will affect my family personally. My blog will likely be focused on this issue - might throw in a bit of other things just for kicks though.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Coretta Scott King

This morning I heard of the death of Coretta Scott King.

The gay and lesbian community has lost a friend, to be sure. (quote on It's Only Civil)

But the greater loss, besides to her family and close friends, is to the larger quest for equality for all. King served our country and world well and with grace. She brought us closer to where we should be in our move toward peace and equality.

I hope those of us who do the work now will make her proud.

Thank you, Coretta. We will miss your presence.


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